Beautiful Young Woman

Radiofrequency Accent Facial

We all grow old, although no one likes to see the signs of aging. Even if we eat and exercise correctly, our skin becomes lax, losing its

firmness and tone of youth.

ACCENT Radio Frequency Therapy can bring that fresh look back. ACCENT tightens lax skin, induces the production of new healthy collagen and improves your facial contour.


How does ACCENT work?

During the treatment, the skin area will be precisely heated, using accent's radio frequency technology, while simultaneously cooling the most superficial part. To the

By heating the deeper layer, a natural reaction is induced, producing new collagen.

The result is the recovery of the softness and elasticity of the fabrics.

The ACCENT Advantage

Through selective dermal heating, RF AFCENT is fast and requires no anesthesia

or long recovery times. Patients can carry out their activities

routine immediately. Best of all, the RF ACCENT delivers results

excellent in the long term and with a magnificent improvement.


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