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Mesotherapy is a technique widely used in aesthetic medicine that is based on the application of injections superficially in the skin and at a depth between 3 to 4 mm maximum exactly in the area to be treated. We use needles called “Lebel's needles” with a length of about 4mm that are not usually painful for the patient because, in addition to their small size, very little medication is applied per point.

With this technique we can treat all kinds of conditions and inesthetics that concern our patients, as well as incorporate substances that improve the quality of the skin.

Each session lasts approximately 15 minutes and the number of sessions varies depending on the treatment, but normally between 5 to 10 sessions are required weekly or every 15 days.


Its most frequent applications are:

Body: Localized fat, cellulite, flaccidity, edema.



Facial: Hydration and multivitamin shock, treatment of wrinkles, flaccidity, skin quality, acne and its


Lower Body

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